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I don't actually do production lines in the usual sense. However, there are
groups of simple pieces I tend to make over and over, so I don't include them
in my usual line-up of inventory every time I create them. I created this gallery
section of the website so that they did have a place in which to be seen.
I am just getting started with this gallery, so please check back to see more
as I add to it!

All of the jewelry is designed and handmade by me, Lisa Gallagher. I make most of the
components of each pieces, including all filigree, chains and clasps. I also make all of
the polymer and metal clay, fused glass and enameled components. Click on any picture to
open a larger version.

Click HERE to go to the glossary for more information about specific terms and techniques.

"Shape Earrings"
These are simple & lightweight earrings. I start with a cirle of
heavy sterling or 14KYG wire, which is then left as a circle or
shaped into an oval or square. They are then given a hammered
texture. They come with posts or ear wires.

ShapeEarrings1 ShapeEarrings2 (L) Sterling versions of the basic earrings.
14KYG ones are slightly smaller & of slightly thinner wire
(R) Another version of the earrings, dangling from posts.

"Little Filigree Rings"
These rings are delicate in appearance, but can we worn
every day. As with other Russian Filigree pieces,
these can be made with a sterling or an 8KYG frame. Filler wires
are always fine silver. The filler is similar in each one, but
they're individually made so they aren't identical in the end.

2090732-34 2090733-35 (L) Gold & silver rings with a teardrop
shape on the top
(R) Silver & gold rings with a diamond
shape on the top