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Here you will find a variety of unique items, all designed and made
by me, Lisa Gallagher. Thank you for visiting!

Last updated: August 5, 2017


3/8/18 - Oh my, I need to update this site! For now, I do need to note this one change. For a while now, my e-mail has been overrun with spam, and it's been very difficult to actually find the REAL emails in the mess. Therefore, I am finally switching my address to the following - and please forgive the way I typed it, hopefully that will minimize it getting found by bots. :-) Just take out any spaces, please, and replace the AT and the dot as appropriate.

by lisa gallagher AT gmail dot com

If you sent me an email to the other address and didn't hear from me, I'm sorry. Please resend it to this new address, and you should hear from me much quicker!

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