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Here you will find a variety of unique items, all designed and made
by me, Lisa Gallagher. Thank you for visiting!

Last updated: September 30, 2015


9/30/15 - Website updated! I think it's pretty accurate now. :-) I believe everything has been added onto the site that wasn't there, but it's possible there are some items not properly marked as sold.

7/19/15 - ANOTHER UPCOMING SHOW! Everything went wonderfully in Boalsburg a couple weeks ago, but I'm already gearing up for another show! This coming weekend, Sat- Sun July 24-25, in Wilmington DE. The PGC Fine Craft Fair. I'll be in booth #319, I hope to see you there!

6/29/15 - UPCOMING SHOW! I am expecting everything to go smoothly this time, no last-minute cancellations. ;-) Next week I head to Boalsburg, PA, for the 4-day People's Choice Festival! I hope to see you there!

5/6/15 - CHANGE OF PLANS! Unfortunately I had to cancel my spot at Rittenhouse for this weekend, so I will not be there. Sad. It should still be a wonderful show, though, so please go to see all the other wonderful craftspeople who will be showing (and selling!) their wares!

4/24/15 - Website updated- I think it really & truly is all up-to-date! Not that I have everything I've ever made on it, but I was surprised how many jewelry pieces weren't on it that are currently available, and I moved some things that needed to be put into the "sold" category, so I think it's pretty well all set!

4/22/15 - UPCOMING SHOW ADDED! I just found out that I will be at the PGC Fine Craft Fair coming up in just a few weeks, Mother's Day weekend! It's at Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, and is always a lovely event!

4/13/15 - POP-UP SHOP NEXT WEEK! I will be at Mio Studio in Lancaster, PA from Tues through Sat of next week (April 21-25). Check out my "Finding DBLG" page for details on that and all my shows for 2015!

11/15/14 - Updates made! I still have some more to go, but it's a lot closer. :-)

11/12/14 - Thanks for a great show at the Lancaster Convention Center last weekend! If you've come to my site & hope to find something you saw in my cases over the weekend, and don't see it here, please send me an e-mail to ask about it. Making new pieces is of course more fun than updating a website. so I don't always get all of my new things on the site before I get involved in making yet more! I will be trying to get my website all updated in the next few weeks, but if you have a particular piece in mind that you don't see here, please let me know! It may have sold, it may be located elsewhere, or I may have it right here, just waiting to be sent to its new home with you.

9/10/14 - Goggleworks! I am happy to say that I am adding them to my list of "where to find my work". I dropped off several jewerly pieces there yesterday, as well as a set of margarita glasses and will add ornaments and cards as well before the holidays! That's Goggleworks, in Reading, PA.

8/31/14 - Next stop? Anderson Park in Upper Montclair, NJ! Sat & Sun, September 20-21, rain or shine. It's a lovely setting, hope to see you there! 6/9/14 - This past weekend's MakersFest was a fun event- great weather, happy public, good music, yummy food! Now that it's past, though, I've got my sights set on my next show, in six weeks. The PGC's Fine Craft Fair in Wilmington, DE. I've gotten lots of new work done in the last few weeks, and I have several more pieces lined up to be created (and I'm sure more will follow those!). My website is even pretty well updated, so please check it out!

6/4/14 - SHOWS LIST CHANGE! I decided not to do Art on the Avenue this year, due to a scheduling conflict. That was to be June 14th. I really enjoy doing it, but this year it just isn't going to work out for me. Maybe next year! But I do have another show coming up very soon- this Sunday, in fact! The PA Guild of Craftsmen's first annual MakersFest is this coming Sunday, June 8th! I will be there from 10am-6pm, along with about 45 other artisans. Lots of other actitivies are planned for the event, as well, please check out the PGC's website for all the info!

5/14/14 - UPDATED!!! My website is not perfect, but it is the most updated it's been in a couple YEARS!! I just spent a fair amount of time the last several days getting new images of pieces onto my site, whether available or recently sold. My list of shows has been pretty up-to-date for a while. I suppose there are other pages that could use a bit o' updating, but I really wanted to be sure I got my inventory mostly updated, I felt really badly about how that was. So, I did it! Please let me know, as usual, if you see anything wrong or missing. :-)

5/13/14 - The show this past weekend was great! Beautiful place, nice people, a great show. I've got to get back to my studio now to make some more pieces for my next show, in June! In the mean time I've been spending the last couple days getting my site a bit more updated. I will continue to do so over the next few days, so please check back often! I am of course updating things that are available, but also things that are sold, just so you can really see what work I do! :-)

4/27/14 - PA Guild of Craftsmen Fine Craft Fair coming up soon! Fri-Sun of Mother's Day weekend, surrounding the lovely Rittenhouse Square park in Philadelphia, PA. I will be on the south side of the park, Booth #86. I am busily working on new pieces so I'll be sure to have lots of new work to see. I look forward to seeing you there!

3/29/14 - Show listings for 2014 updated!!

2/12/14 - A new year! With all the snow & school closings, I am not as much into the swing of things this far into February as I would like. But I'm getting my studio cleaned up, setting up workshops for the year, and getting my shows lined up for the year. I'm also trying to get my inventory & website updated (I know, I've said that before!), so watch this space for updates & new information!

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